Poor Etiquette on Good Friday

There are times when I lose hope in humanity.  One of those times was today.

I was finishing up my run (lucky I had already split off from Carly) and on a main road heading back towards my house when I was blindsided by someone throwing liquid out of their truck at me.

Luckily, it wasn’t a hot drink – it was probably iced tea or a cola.  But it’s the idea that throwing things at runners is acceptable.  Just so we are clear.  It’s not.

If you have any inclination to throw things at runners, just don’t.  I didn’t have time to react and turn around and flag them down – even though I should have.


Has anyone ever had this happen to them?  What would you do if you had something thrown on you while you were running?


2 thoughts on “Poor Etiquette on Good Friday

  1. Lucy says:

    I had a hot dog thrown at me and it was as gross as it sounds. I recited the license plate for the remainder of my run but never did anything about it. It really burned me up though!


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