Reston 10 Miler Results

The Reston 10 Miler was a great confidence booster for my training. I’ve been having a couple of rough long runs so this race gave me the chance to hit my paces on a hilly course without beating me up too much.
The weather was about as good as I could ask for on a race day: cool, slightly overcast, no wind. I was worried I was going to overheat since the temperatures were predicted to get up into the high fifties but luckily we stayed on the cooler side.
I arrived early to pick up my packet and do my warm up. It was a small race: I had registered late and was bib 1211 so the course felt intimate. We started a couple of minutes after 8 am with little fanfare.

Mallory in the Reston 10 Miler. All rights reserved by Potomac River Running
Mallory in the Reston 10 Miler. All rights reserved by Potomac River Running

The first mile was crowded and I had placed myself near the middle of the pack so I had to do some dodging for a while. But it helped me slow down and find my stride. After that first mile, though, the pack separated and I had plenty of room for the rest of the race.
The course was marked on the streets of Reston, VA and wound through the neighborhoods. It was a peaceful race: great volunteers but not a lot of spectators. I didn’t mind the lack of cheering though, it let me focus on my run. I tried maintaining my pace so that I wouldn’t burn out too quickly and I felt pretty good the entire race. There were quite a few hills but nothing crazy to climb. There was one sharp downhill around mile 8 that I felt in my knees but I was able to get through without any problems.
I finished the race in 1:15:30 which I was really pleased with! The best feeling was knowing that I had the energy to keep going for longer–something I’ll need when I get to the marathon!
Way to go Mallory!  Full results can be found here and splits of her race here.
Want to run fast like Mallory?  Send Marc a message @ TrainWithMarc, on  Facebook or on Twitter.  To get started with a plan of your own, visit

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