Oh, the Hills

Carly ran the Central Park half marathon on Sunday and came away with a very good result.  Not only did she get amazing training for the Boston Marathon – think Central Park hills and Boston Marathon’s Heartbreak Hill – but she put in a very hard effort that will set her up for the last few months of training.

The result of Carly’s race was a 1:33:44 half marathon – only 10 seconds off her lifetime PR – while still running 50 miles last week and running hilly Central Park.  Her pace of 7:09 pace for the 13.1 miles was the 42nd best time out of all finishers (and there were 975 of them).  She was the fastest in her age group and the 6th fastest female in the whole race.

Marc and TrainWithMarc couldn’t be happier for her performance, her training, and the way she’s preparing for the Boston Marathon.  Way to go fiancee!

Results can be found here.

photo (17)

Want to run fast?  Send Marc a message @ TrainWithMarc, on  Facebook or on Twitter.  To get started with a plan of your own, visit TrainWithMarc.com.

2 thoughts on “Oh, the Hills

  1. Way to go Carly!!!


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