10 Weeks ‘Til Boston

Who’s ready for Boston?  We’ve got 10 weeks to go!  Carly is doing some amazing training and below, you’ll find out what she’s up to.
I have arrived at the half-way point in marathon training.  There have definitely been some obstacles along the way: the NJ weather for starters and then having enough time to do all extras that come along with marathon training.  I decided  to join a local gym so when absolutely necessary, I have been getting my runs in on a treadmill.  I know that it’s not really the best simulation of Boston roads, but it beats running on the dark icy roads where I am bound to slip and get injured.  To be honest, I have only gone on the treadmill about 5 times, so really that breaks down to 12% of my runs which isn’t too bad.
What I am most proud of though is being able to keep up with my strength conditioning and yoga more so than I have previously while marathon training.  It has really made the difference.  I feel a lot stronger and my legs feel like they can handle more.  So far I have had a peak mileage week of 48 but these next 6 weeks will be critical.  I would say my long runs are going better than my workout days but I am hoping to build more speed in these next few weeks that will give me the confidence I need for the big day.
I am already getting nervous again.  I had a bad day in Boston 2012 – I dropped out because of the heat.  Since then, I have been letting negative thoughts get in my head like: ‘why am I doing all of this hard work, when the day of I could totally fall apart?’  It looks like I will have to be completing some mental strength drills in this last half of training as well.
We are so proud of Carly and all of the work she’s put in.  This is by far the best Marathon Cycle she’s ever put in.  We can’t wait to see how the last 10 weeks go!ImageWho’s training for a big goal?  Is it a race or is it something else?

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