Mid Long Run 5k Race

How many of you have done a long run?  Hopefully lots of you.  How many of you, then have done a 5k race in the middle of that long run?  Probably not as many of you.

That’s where Carly is being different.  She lined up in a “No Thrills 5k” – no fans, no spectators, cold weather, and no marked course – to run a 5k.  She obviously could have picked a race with something to offer, but that wasn’t the goal.

She and I have been talking about finding out where she is in her training – you know, where all of the work she’s done has put her.  So out she went to run a 5k and now we can base her upcoming workouts for the Boston Marathon with a sense of where she is instead of workouts based on perceived effort.  Don’t get us wrong, perceived effort is in no means a bad thing.  But it’s good to have solid evidence of where Carly is in her training.  And now we know.

Carly finishing her 5k


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