New Years Midnight Race

Carly and Marc brought in the New Year with a 5k at midnight.  It was Carly’s idea, so you know it’s probably going to be fun.  She (and everyone involved) did not disappoint!  If you dressed up in evening wear & was the first to do so and cross the finish line, you collected a cool $100.  So who dressed up?  We did!  Results here.

I would say more about the race, but honestly the photos do a great job.  I had so much fun!  (And I won too, so there’s that!)

Thanks for putting on a great event.  The running nerd in me loved this idea.

Looking to get into running or need to take your running to the next level?  Send me a message @ TrainWithMarc, on  Facebook or on Twitter.  To get started with a plan of your own, visit

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