2013 Year In Review

2013 has been one helluva year for TrainWithMarc.  It was definitely a “growing up” year, as online coaching has gone from a fun hobby, to an obsession making runners faster.  It has been trying and tough, but ultimately one of the most rewarding endeavors I’ve ever gone through.  I am so freakin’ excited for 2014 and beyond!!!

We had so many great moments this year – from first timers in their first race, to NYC Marathon finishers and BQ’s and 50 milers.  Here are my top moments of 2013, in no particular order.


There was Level 1 coaching in March at Villanova University with 50+ other coaches all looking to become more well-rounded in the sport that they love.  24 hours over 3 days is a lot of learning, but it was totally worth it.

At the very end of 2012, I help Carly run a BQ at the Rehoboth Delaware Marathon.  Then in March, I helped Allison BQ.  This December, I’ve added Mallory to the mix as they all line up for Boston Marathon 2014.  Talk about a proud coach… I’m over the moon working with 3 ladies towards the pinnacle of distance running.

Carly and I started a local running team – dubbed the Haddon Running Team – and while it’s “on the back burner” at the moment, I know personally how important it is that runners have people to train with.  Going at it alone is tough.  Get a group together and make it happen!  Haddon Running Team will be back, don’t worry!

I had a few High School school records broken this spring – and while I was sad to see them go, I know that records broken means the program is getting better.  I was then asked by reporters about my thoughts on Shawn breaking my records and long story short, an article was written about TrainWithMarc.  I was so thankful for them for doing so!

Becoming head coach of cross country and track at a high school was always one of my goals.  Did I think it would happen this quickly?  Absolutely not.  But it did.  And I know full well I deserve it.  Let’s go Garnets!

That time that Alex ran faster than me in the half marathon.  That gave me so much motivation to get back out there and “see what I can do”.

Running in the front of a race is tough to do.  Doing it in your first half marathon – and up and over trails no less – is rare.  Erin did just that.  She finished 2nd place in her first 13.1 showing that anything is possible.

Helping someone run 50 miles and obstacles?  Awesome.  Not for me, but awesome.

I challenged Emilio to a “who can run more miles in 2013” me or you?  It is literally coming down to the stroke of midnight as we are within about 8 miles of each other.  More importantly though, this was my chance to “be the change” and get out the door to run myself.  While I’d like to think I helped Emilio, it was really him who helped me.  Thanks!

Thank you all so much for such great experiences, adventures, and lessons.  You make TrainWithMarc what it is and I’m so thrilled to help you get the most out of every mile you run.  Thank you to Carly, Mallory, Erin, Allison, Adam, Alex, Emilio, David, Patty, Melissa, Melanie, Dan, Steve, Stef, Jim, Christine, Jackie, and everyone who came out to a Haddon Running Team workout.  You’ve made this year flat out amazing.

We're joining forces!
We’re joining forces!

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