Ankle and Calf Injuries

So you’ve got some reoccurring ankle issues?  What to do?  Take time off or push through?  Depends on what you’re training for, of course.  Below are my tips and some videos I found on how to get you back on your feet quicker than you’d expect to be.

Coach on a stability disk

Coach on a stability disk

Exercises for ankle strength & preventing injuries

When in doubt, cross train (get on a bike, in a pool, or on an elliptical).  However, we all know that just cross training won’t fix the problem.  You’ve also go to strengthen the area in question.  A few things you can do include:

  • doing “prehab” exercises like heel raises
  • working with therabands
  • balancing tools (see left)

When you think you are completely healed, start back slowly and cautiously.  Incorporate warm up drills into your routine and then work with the theraband and the balancing tools.  See videos below!

Still have questions?  Contact Marc and he can suggest some more exercises!

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor.  If your pains persist, see a licensed professional.


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