Richmond Half Marathon 2013

Where the racing finally clicked.

The training has been perfect – so far it’s been long week after long week with literally no interruptions.  See here for his details.

Possibly the only thing that didn’t go Alex’s way for this race was his trip down and his warm up.  Here’s what he wrote about that:

“I traveled down with my manager cause he was running the full the day before.   As we were driving down we stopped to eat and was stuck eating a few pizza hut breadsticks…We then got stuck in traffic and got to the expo only 20minutes before they closed. Got my bib & felt relieved.  We got to the hotel & went straight to sleep.

We woke up and found out breakfast wouldn’t be ready for another hour.  We then were driving to the start in a rain storm & had to park 1.5 miles out from the start cause of roads being closed & no parking. My race was gonna go off in 20mins by the time we parked. I gave all my warm clothes & extra stuff to put in bag check since his race wasn’t for another 50mins. So I had to run faster than warm up pace to get to the start line to use the bathroom & get on the line. By the time I got to the start the lines for the bathroom were insane.  And during all this, it was raining pretty hard. ”

Alex in the Richmond Half
Alex in the Richmond Half

Alex ran an amazing race – in fact, he now has a faster half marathon PR than TrainWithMarc coach.  His splits were: 513-528-520-517-517-521-517-523-518-527-522-516-508-last 200 436pace.  This put Alex in 11th place overall, with an average pace of 5:21.

TrainWithMarc cannot say enough good things about Alex, the work he’s done, and the results he’s posted.  Amazing job.

Richmond 3

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