I’m a Runner, Watch Me Run Fast

Le Grind is the phrase I like to use when referring to my daily routine. Balancing working 28hrs a week, a 15 credit semester, commuting 3 hours a day, and running 90+ miles a week is Le Grind. It is tough, but it will all be worth at the end, I hope. Currently I am training for the Richmond Half Marathon where I want to place top 10 overall. I would need to run 71:00 minutes or  faster which is right around 5:25 pace as the ‘B’ goal. The ‘A’ goal is 70:20 or faster. Training has been going as well as it possibly can with my schedule. I’ve been averaging 90miles a week since late August and I have been extremely consistent with my sessions.

Alex sprinting to the line
Alex sprinting to the line

On October 13th I ran the Get To The Point 5k in Brooklyn as a rust buster and won in 1545 (5:04 pace) which was pretty fun. Then on Oct 20th I used the Brooklyn Greenway Half as a hard session and ran 75:24 (5:45pace average – 172 beats per minute average), I went 605pace for the first 7miles then started cranking it down to lactate threshold pace (524) and I ended up getting the win as well. Two wins and consistent training leaves me really confident for Richmond. Biggest change in training for this buildup is that Coach Marc has had me working on changing gears a lot more, which has always been a weakness in the past. As for longer lactate threshold/tempo sessions I have been using a heart rate monitor this Fall to make sure I am under control & not pressing to make sure I get the most bang for my buck.

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