Injury Prevention for Distance Runners

The best strategies to prevent running injuries

It’s often said that most runners are injured at some point in any given year.  That’s why we need to do everything possible to prevent – or minimize – the risk we take in getting injured.

Here are some tips and strategies to use as you ramp up your mileage and prepare to race

  • Use cross-training as a way to build aerobic fitness while minimizing the pounding of running.
  • Vary where you run and what surface you run on (roads, grass, trail, treadmill, track, etc)
  • Schedule in off days.
  • Vary the pace you run – not every day should be hard. In fact, most days should be easy.
  • Use strength training to prepare your body for the pounding it will take.
  • Hire a running coach to provide you with correct running paces, guide your training, and prepare you for your race goals.
  • Back off training if you are run down or fatigued.
    The 7 best strategies to avoid a running injury

Here are articles on injury prevention!

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