October Runner of the Month

If you drop lots of time off of your peak race, you not only worked your butt off during training, but you were able to nail the peak at the right time.  That’s absolutely the case with Dan – TrainWithMarc’s October Runner of the Month.

This man does everything!
This man does everything!

For the last few months, TrainWithMarc has being working with a Pentathlete who had one main goal: to become a better runner and make his pentathlon times drop.  From the time we started working together to his last race just a few weeks ago he has lowered his PR for 5K by 38 seconds and taken 2:21 off of his combined event performance (run/shoot).

Dan’s 5k PR was “nice because not only was it faster, but it really was an easier run than my previous PR.  The Pentathlon combined event was a much tougher hilly cross country course which felt like a struggle the whole time, but I was surprised when I calculated my actual pace. I was sure it would be much slower. Apparently, my time with Marc has shifted my perception of what feels fast vs slow.”

Even though Dan’s favorite event is the 3200 meter Pentathlon combined event we both know that his determination will take him to PRs in whatever event he chooses.  Don’t forget, this is the same guy who wakes up at 5 am to get part of his workout in.  Then he comes back later in the day and does more.  Anyone who can be this dedicated is sure to have tons and tons of success.

run_pic2When asked why Dan reached out to TrainWithMarc, he said, “I may run, but I’m not a natural runner. I never did track or cross country when younger, so when I started running I mainly relied on what I could find online for training guidance. At some point I realized I had plateaued and if I wanted to continue to advance I would need someone who actually knew what they were doing.”  Dan felt the most significant thing I’ve learned from Marc is the importance of the long run. I train for a 2 mile race and always thought increasing distance was a waste. Under Marc’s guidance I’ve increased the length of my training runs and the total weekly distance, which has helped my endurance significantly.

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