Form Analysis for Distance Runners

Brooks Running Shoe company gave a visit to the Haddonfield Running Company a few weeks back and they were kind enough to provide free gait analysis to those who dared!  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see how my gait looked after months of lesser mileage.  I was actually surprised to find out the results.

gait analysis left foot gait analysis right foot

The results are different than what I was only a few short years ago.  And the main reason for this is simple…I’m not as efficient as I used to be.  When I run a lot (more than roughly 50 miles a week, consistently), my body and my mechanics have a way of becoming efficient.  Now that I’m logging 20 miles a week, my mechanics have deteriorated a bit.  This just means that I need to either run more or find a shoe that assists this pronation.

Brooks Bus
Brooks Bus

To get your OWN gait analysis done by Coach Marc, visit his gait analysis page.

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