Hard Work Pays Major Dividends

Running is such a great sport because we can track our successes and/or failures by the numbers we produce.  What we want, of course, is for our numbers to trend positively.  Right?  Have a look at Dan’s Pentathlon results.  The numbers speak for themselves.

Date Fencing Win/Loss Fencing Points Swim Time Swim Points Combined Time Combined Points Total
5/18/2013 12W – 7L 968 3:19.70 404 22:16 0 1372
9/30/2013 22W – 10L 1000 3:07.65 552 19:55 420 1972
From mid-May through the end of September, Dan put in countless hours of running, swimming, fencing work, and shooting just for his end of season competition.  His stamina increased, his focus improved, and his mental drive became razor sharp.  Dan improved his fencing score (by improving his win/loss record), his swim time dropped 12 seconds – and we haven’t even talked about his running improvements yet!
For comparison here are his lap times from May and September.  His improvements per lap are: 31 seconds, 32 seconds, 45 seconds, 31 seconds.
May 18 September 30
Lap Time Time w/o shoot Lap Time Time w/o shoot
1 5:13 4:23 1 4:41.94 3:51.94
2 5:38 4:48 2 5:05.57 4:15.57
3 5:54 5:04 3 5:08.94 4:18.94
4 5:31 4:41 4 4:58.70 4:09.70
Total 22:16 18:56 Total 19:55 16:35

It’s safe to say that Dan had an amazing performance in his pentathlon.  He improved in every aspect of the competition.  I couldn’t be more proud of the tremendous work that he put in during our training together.  Way to go Dan!

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