Running with Goals

I’ve been running for about 6 months now.  Right now I am training for my first half marathon.  Realistically I am aiming for a time of 2 hours, but I’d like to be able to run through it averaging 9:00 or less.
When I first picked up running I ran into a lot of problems.  I had sports induced asthma and arthritis in my knee which made it hard to run.  After hours of research and talking to experienced runners I was able to overcome a lot of my problems.  I posted to many places but got the best response from here where I was mainly told to get fitted for some proper running shoes.  I was also put in contact with a coach who helped me get started with diet, shoes and running form.
After I stuck to my diet, low impact running form, and new shoes I noticed a drastic difference in my performance and how my knee felt.  Since my running was going a lot better I decided to look online and find a good running coach.  I came across Marc and liked what I saw on his website so I decided to contact him about training.  Immediately he got me set up with a schedule based on what I was working to and my current fitness level.

After some time training with Marc I ran a couple 5k races, then decided I wanted to buckle down and train hard to reach my overall goal.

As previously stated my current goal is getting through my upcoming half marathon. My extended/long term goal is to get through a marathon in about 3 hours and BQ.  I would like to try to be able to run in the Boston Marathon by senior year (currently in my third of five years at school).
Right now training has been challenging because of my schedule, but I’ve joined my school’s club team and have been able to get in runs with them.  I’m looking forward to this semester ending – where I’ll have more free time to train!

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