Friday’s Links

Happy Friday everyone!  I’ve done a tiny bit of reading this week – so it’s time to share with you all!

Check back Fridays for links I've been reading!

CrossFit Mama – What are your thoughts on doing CrossFit?  What about at 9 months pregnant?

Biking to Work is Picking up Speed – I wrote my grad school thesis on bicycle commuting, so this is near and dear to me.  Great job Wash, DC!

Is Sitting the New Smoking? – Runner’s World’s article discussing the potential pitfalls of athletic couch potatoes.

Losing Is Good For You – Opinion piece saying that we shouldn’t coddle our youth; not every child needs a trophy.  I’m curious to think what people’s thoughts are about this one.  Especially my teacher friends who work with our youth.

Stop Eating Yoga Mats – Blog from talking about bad ingredients being in our foods.  Scary read!

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