Running to a Whole New Level

A little over 2 years ago I was invited by a friend to run my first Tough Mudder. At that time I was able to run almost 2 miles. I knew I had a lot of work to do and after 4 months of hard work I had built my running up to 8 miles. I somehow survived that first Tough Mudder and a year later I entered the World’s Toughest Mudder. I ended the race after 30 miles and 96 obstacles. I thought to myself that I needed to improve my running if I wanted to do better, but knew I would need help.

The Haddon Running Team (now merged with TrainWithMarc) came highly recommended by the staff at the Haddonfield Running Company.  I had contacted Coach Marc and informed him of my goals. I can remember my second night of training with the HRT, it was late May and the weather was very hot and humid.  After a few miles of running I was struggling mightily.  Coach Marc immediately saw this and shut me down for the night.  I was of the mindset that if I wasn’t on the verge of throwing up, or not having pain the next day than I didn’t train hard enough.  To me running was something I had to do, not really something I enjoyed.

Over the last few months I realized Coach Marc was sharing his “little secret” of running with me.  You don’t have to kill yourself to get better, and yes it will become fun if you trust the process! Along with the Haddon Running Team meet ups, Coach Marc provides a running calendar customized for me.  He is in constant contact with feedback and support. Truly a click away!

I’ve never experienced the so called runners high, but I can tell you I’ve lost weight, my blood pressure is excellent, stress levels down and I can run on those hot humid days with a grin on my face not feeling like I’m ready to pass out. I cannot begin to express how much Coach Marc and the HRT/TrainWithMarc has helped me to improve my running and fitness level. I’m always looking for a new race or challenge and I know Coach Marc will help me achieve my goals.

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