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TrainWithMarc is aimed at getting runners of all abilities to run fast.  That’s always been the goal – and will continue to be the goal.  That being said, I have decided to spotlight some of the runners that I coach.  So without further delay… Here’s Alex!


This fall season is going to be quite a tough one because I’m in the middle of a 15 credit semester (my last undergraduate semester!), I am working 32 hours a week, and I average about 3 hours a day commuting. Now try squeezing 85-100mpw in there. It is tough, but I just think of people in other countries that don’t have access to clean water, sanitation, or adequate meals per day. All the thoughts of me having it hard go straight out the window & I just keep grinding.

Alex being Alex

Training has been going well, but we haven’t done much serious stuff yet to know where I’m at fitness wise, with the little I can piece together it’s safe to say I’m actually not too far off my PR 5k fitness which is great considering I haven’t done much to get there. I will be returning to the Get To The Point 5k (Oct 13th) again this year to defend my title and to also kick off a great season opener. Last year I ran 15:40 there & my PR leading into that race was 16:21, this year something even better is coming and you guys just have to wait and see. After that 5k I will be gearing up for the Philly Half Marathon (Nov 17th). The goal is 1:09:12. I think this year is going to be my best year since working with Marc because we learned a lot of my weakness/strengths over the past two years to create the perfect program.

Training Week 9/2-9/8

M-(AM) Easy 8 miles, 4x75m sprints, explosive drills. (PM) Easy 4 miles

T-(PM) 3up, 3x2miles @ threshold off 2:15 rec jog, 3down. (PM) Easy 4 miles

W-(AM) Basic 12 miles, 8x100m strides, full body strengthening.

H-(AM) Basic 8 miles, 6x100m strides. (PM) Easy 4 miles

F-(AM) 3up, 12x400m uphill w/ 400jog rec, 3down. (PM) Easy 4 miles

S-(AM) Easy 8 miles, 8x100m strides, full body strengthening.

U-(AM) Basic 16-17miles.

Total: 89-90

Tuesday’s Threshold (3x2miles) Session @ Central Park


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