A Coach Who is Just a Click Away

I really don’t know how I forgot to post this two weeks ago, but alas, I did!!!  Long story short, back in the spring one of the Cherokee HS athletes was gaining some local attention for breaking a few of my long-standing high school records.  When the reporters asked me (I was helping coach this runner) how I felt about my records being broken, he also asked what I was up to.  He knew I was coaching, but wanted to know what else I was up to.  In the end, I got my very first story written about TrainWithMarc.  A big thanks to Billy Kyle at the Central Record and to Ed Benkin for writing the story about us!

And here it is!  Here’s the link – and below is the full story.

A coach who is just a click away

Published: Tuesday, August 13, 2013

by Ed Benkin for The Central Record
CHECKING OUT the action at the Penn Relays are Cherokee graduate, Marc Pelerin, left, and his fiancé Carly Miller. Pelerin has started up his own business as an online running coach.


Running has always been a part of Marc Pelerin’s life. Now, the (edit) Cherokee High School assistant track coach [Haddon Heights track coach] is passing along his knowledge through the power of technology.

Pelerin has started up his own business as an online running coach. At www.trainwithmarc.com, runners of all types can learn more about how to better themselves both physically and mentally as they look to improve on their times. Whether it’s a runner who is looking for an edge in a competitive field or just looking to improve his or her personal goals, Pelerin’s online advice has proven to be highly successful.

It all began for Pelerin over two years ago when a runner asked for his advice online.

“I was blogging about running and the training I used to do,” said Pelerin. “Somebody contacted me online and told me they were really interested in having me coach. We started working together.”

That was the beginning for Pelerin, who now has a host of runners learning from his highly successful methods. The site is aimed at helping runners of all abilities train to their highest potential.

“I’ve had tremendous feedback,” Pelerin said. “I’ve had upwards of 50 to 60 people. They are less the quick fix type runners. They’re in it for the long haul. The two people I originally started with are still working with me today.”

Pelerin has enjoyed seeing the results of his hard work with his runners. From Boston Marathon qualifiers to people looking to improve their times at home, Pelerin’s website has provided the guidance needed for his clients.

“I’ve had people qualify for Boston,” said Pelerin. “I’ve had people run lifetime 5K, 10K, half marathon {bests} all in the same season. Whatever I’m doing, it seems to be working, and it works for a variety of different people.”

The variety of running options is another reason why Pelerin has been successful. His website works with everyone from track performers to cross country standouts.

“I can pretty much cater my style and my variety to a broad group,” Pelerin said. “I have people who are trying to break 15 minutes in the 5K, and I have people who run 11 minutes a mile.”

Pelerin clearly has the resume to offer runners advice on improving their efforts. He won numerous state titles at Cherokee before moving on to Villanova University. Pelerin began coaching high school track in 2009 and also works with distance runners and triathletes with the Haddon Running Team.

“I had a lot of success early on,” said Pelerin. “It really was just something I could sink my teeth into. I realized the work I put in is what I see on race day.”

Pelerin has three core principles with his training. The first involves motivation communication, and goals. The second is how knowledgeable and experienced coaching can make any runner faster. Lastly, he believes all runners are not built equally and each must be trained in the right way.

“There is a lot of information out there,” Pelerin said. “I’ve always been a big believer in a long-term approach and long-term success, but you’re not going to see major results overnight. That’s the way I coach. But as you get into my training, you realize that none of the days are hard. It is possible to train that way.”

Runners also have the chance to see Pelerin’s work in person. Pelerin and his fiancé, Carly Miller, have started a local squad with the Haddon Running Team. It is all part of what has become one of the most successful resources for runners in the region.

“Everything I do online I now do in person,” said Pelerin. “We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We started advertising through different avenues, and we’ve been meeting for just under a month. A lot of people are saying they’ve learned more from the two times they met me than in their last 10 years of running.”

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