West Coast Racing

Marc near the finish
Marc near the finish

Carly and Marc were out in California the other week and decided while they were out there, they’d jump in a 4th of July road race!  Carly did all of the logistical work (that Marc hates) and she got them to the race and got them warmed up for the beautiful race start.  They both started about 10-12 rows back at the start, so there was quite a bit of traffic, but overall, they ran to some very good times.  Marc finished 43rd overall (out of more than 3,000 finishers) and 3rd in his age group.  He posted a time of 17:59, off his 17:16 from a few weeks prior.

Carly ran a very good race as well and finished in 215th place overall (also 3rd in her age group).  Carly was definitely the class of her age group as there were 186 finishers and she was 3rd!  Way to go girl!  Her time of 21:19 is right around where her other recent 5k times are, so there’s still some work to do to help her reach her goals!

Carly pressing the pace
Carly pressing the pace

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