running well in the summer heat

As the summer begins to heat up, we must remind ourselves that even the most prepared runner can struggle when the temperature rises.  Whether it’s a training run or our peak race, the importance of being prepared for the heat will tell whether we run at our best.

With that being said, we had three runners race in the newly minted “Summer of 2013”.  Here’s how they did…

Adam raced last Thursday night to a sold-out J.P.Morgan Corporate Challenge in Boston, Mass.  While we had him as prepared as possible, he’s still getting used to running (and racing).  We accounted for the weather, but failed to account for the 12,000 other runners that toed the line.  Regardless of what we couldn’t control, Adam was still able to put forth a good effort of 3.5 miles.  And now that he knows how to deal with crowds and heat, he can be better suited for future races.  Keep rolling Adam!  Results here.

to run on vacation or not?
to run on vacation or not?

Carly and Marc also had a chance to race – and they took advantage of their opportunity the best they knew how.  Marc crossed the line in 17:16 and Carly in 21:17 – both off the PR’s, but considering the early season and the seasonably warm racing temps, Marc and Carly both ran tough races.  Marc missed the top 3 by less than 6 seconds and Carly was out-kicked for 6th female.  Marc settled for top in his age group, and Carly 2nd in hers.  Way to go Pine Beach 5k’ers!  Results can be found here.

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