Races and New Faces

TrainWithMarc had a few athletes compete in the last few weeks, and I wanted to make sure they got the recognition they deserved.

Alex ran what ended up being his last race of the spring.  He competed in the Red Hook Crit – Brooklyn Navy Yard 5k and posted an awesome 16:02 for the 5k distance.  While Alex was slightly less than pleased, he was the first non-foreigner, non-sponsored runner.  And for finishing 9th in a very competitive field (where the winner ran 14:17) is an accomplishment in itself!  Instead of continuing his season though, Alex has decided the best thing for his future is to take a planned training break.  For Alex, the healthier he stays and the longer he’s training with TrainWithMarc, the better he’ll continue to get.  His race results are here.

Alex’s Spring Race Results:

5k racing – Alex!

(March 3rd) Road 5k on Hilly Course: 15:58
(March 27th) Road 5k on Flat Course: 15:38
(April 27th) Track 5k 15:31
(May 3rd) Track 1500 4:12.86
(May 14th) Track 10k DNF
(May 30th) Track 5k 15:44

Adam also raced under TrainWithMarc and came away with a positive experience that he learned a lot from.  As a new runner, it’ll take time for Adam to fully hit his stride, but for the mean time, he’s learning a lot about what it takes to stay healthy, focus on his running, and compete at the level he wants to.  Great job and good luck in your race this week!

In upcoming racing news, Kelly has her first race as a TrainWithMarc runner.  I’m excited to see how she does as we’ve only been working together for a short period of time.  Good luck Kelly!

And as for new runners, I’m extremely excited to be working with Allison again.  She finished her last running cycle with a Boston Qualifier and was also named April’s Runner of the Month.  She’s extremely talented and if we can keep her healthy she’s going to destroy PR’s.  TrainWithMarc has also added more great talent in Allison’s twin sister Erin.  While she has an extremely busy schedule, her talent, drive, and focus is going to be so much fun to work with.  We’ve also added Dan to the mix.  Dan is training for the modern Pentathlon which involves 5 sports (fencing, swimming, horseback riding, running, shooting).  I am extremely excited to be helping Dan get fitter and stronger for the aerobic portions of his Pentathlon!

Lots of great things coming from TrainWithMarc.  Keep in the loop by following the group on twitter, Facebook, and the blog.


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