Catch Up Time!

Last week, the Haddon Running Team joined up with some other local runners for the No Frills 3.65 mile race at Cooper River.  It worked out perfectly that the race coincided with our training time and so we used this low-cost, fun “race” as a chance to gauge our current fitness levels.

Working hard!

Working hard!

While the conditions weren’t ideal, both Steve and Carly put on a great showing.  Steve came in with a great time of 24:45 (for 3.65 miles), coming through 5k in roughly 21:01.  Carly ran a very strong 25:03 – meaning she came through 5k in roughly 21:20.  Both Carly and Steve won their age group (18th and 21st overall, respectively) and both are looking forward to their upcoming races!  Results can be found on South Jersey AC’s page here.

Jackie also opened up her summer with a nice performance running with her family.  She too is looking towards a summer filled with mileage, races, and PR’s!

Way to go Haddon Running Team!

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