No Frills Racing Time

Hi Haddon Running Team:

Instead of our regularly schedule track workout for Tuesday June 11th, the Haddon Running Team will be competing in the No Frills 3.65 mile run sponsored by the South Jersey Athletic Club.  The entry fee is $5 and the funds will be going to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.  Not only is this a good cause, but it will also help us gauge your current fitness for future workouts.

The race starts at 7 PM and registration is where we already meet.  HRT will be meeting, but we’d like to be there by 6:15 for a warm up run and some drills.  Come prepared to race!

HRT will NOT be charging for this meet up.  For more information about the race, please visit the website:

– Marc + Carly

Sponsored by the SJAC




One thought on “No Frills Racing Time

  1. David Stewart says:

    Hey, Marc, that’s great. Look forward to seeing you and your team members there. A totally optional option is that we will have “South Jersey Loves Boston” t-shirts available for sale at $20. Sponsors have covered the cost of these, so the full amount will go to the One fund-Boston, to which checks should be made out. Should be a nice South Jersey showing in support of Boston.
    Dave S., Pres. SJAC


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