TrainWithMarc’s May Runner of the Month

Sometimes all it takes to be successful is to do what is asked of you. When David set out to run his goal race – the Soldier Field 10 Miler – he set expectations for both himself and for his coach. His goal was to run confidently, set a solid time, and work towards running the Chicago Marathon. Check, check, and check!

David in action!

David ran so well in his 10 miler, that he was named TrainWithMarc’s Runner of the Month! David has been a runner for about 2 years now and has been working with Marc since October of 2012. In that short time, David has seen a lot of success; mainly because he is able to see the long term goals and set out every day to chip away at seeing those goals come through. For example, since I’ve been working with David, he’s set two PR’s both resulting in huge confidence builders: 10k – 1:03:38 at 10:15 pace for a 7 minute PR. And 10 miles – 1:45:04 at 10:30 pace.

David said the best advice Marc has given him is about race strategy and pacing techniques. To find funny posts, rants about running, and everything else going on in David’s life, you can check him out here.

David’s run through Disney!

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