Persistence and Pacing Lead to Success

David learned a valuable lesson this weekend as he ran in the Soldier Field 10 Miler.  We had talked in length about running an even pace, focusing on being patient early on, and on closing the last few miles faster.  And David performed to perfection.

This is what I thought David could run…

David at the Soldier Field 10 Miler

“If you go out fast though, expect to not be able to come back the way you want to.

Time goal: 10:30 is 1:45.  That should be a good target.  If you’re hitting your early paces correctly, you should be well within this goal time.”
And what did David run you ask?
“I checked the results and I officially completed the race in 1:45:04 (10:30 m/m pace). I’m thrilled with that!  That includes pee break around mile 6.  Per my Garmin, my moving time was 1:43:47.”
Way to go David!  Very proud of you for pacing correctly, for getting yourself in the best possible shape, and for killing it when it matters the most: race day.