“Minuters” Workout

Instead of worrying about distance and pace, we are going to focus on time for our workout today.  We are going to run “minuters” – or more specifically, we are going to run at roughly 10k race pace for a set amount of minutes.  This will allow us to run off the track (if we want), give us a chance to work effort-based (instead of pace-based), and will show us that we can still accomplish a lot of work and not be confined by anything.  All around, it’s a good chance for us to experiment with a different approach to distance running training.

I’ll provide the number of minuters and roughly the distance you should be covering in your 4 minutes.photo (1)

Tuesday’s Workout:

15 minute warm up – on your own – and at your warm up pace

Drills: Heels, Calves, Backwards Heel to Butt, Hip Swings


Groups 1, 2, + 3: “4 minuters” with 50 seconds of easy jogging.

10-15 minute cool down

**Just a reminder that Thursday’s run has been moved to Friday this week.  We are still meeting at Cooper River Park at 6:30 pm.  We meet in the parking lot next to the big jungle gym.  Friday will be a “Happy Hour Run” – this means that after our run and Tabata workout, Marc will supply Gatorade, water, and/or  adult beverages to those over 21.

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