Track Debut and “Practice” Race

TrainWithMarc had 3 athletes running this weekend and all turned in good performances.  Alex ran his 2013 5k track debut and PR’ed, Patty ran a very good tempo/race prep 4 miler, and David ran a 5k run with his wife and had a good effort!

Alex jumped on his opportunity to show his fitness and came away from the race with a extremely successful 51 second PR.  That’s pretty incredible no matter what race distance – but for a race that’s only 15 minutes long, 51 seconds is huge!  We are looking for major things out of Alex, mainly because he’s put himself in tremendous shape.  Let’s go Alex!

Patty was working on race prep for her upcoming half marathon and she came away with very positive  results.  She ran the NYRR Run as One 4 Miler and ran sub 9 minute pace for all of her miles (even closing in sub 8 pace!).  We are really proud of Patty and know she’s going to rock her half marathon!

David ended up jumping in a 5k with his wife and said that he was out there really just to enjoy himself.  As David puts in the miles for his upcoming race, we at TrainWithMarc are excited to see how he progresses!


Great job everyone!  Who else raced this weekend?