Run of the Day 4.23.13

twm finished flyer

Meet at Cooper River (N Park and McClellan Ave) to run at 6:30. Just a reminder: starting in May, we’ll be charging for our workouts. Ask Marc for details about pricing.

Track Workout for 4.23.13:

15 minute warm up

Drills: Toes, Calves, Knee to Chest, Heel to Butt


Group 1 – 5k runners @ 30 + minutes
Repeat 200s with 100 walk, 100 jog

Group 2 – 5k runners @ 30 minutes – 25 minutes
Repeat 300s with 50 walk, 50 jog

Group 3 – 5k runners faster than 25 minutes
Repeat 1ks at threshold w/ 1/5 recovery

10-15 minute cool down


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