April’s Runner of the Month

This month, it was pretty easy to nominate Allison for Runner of the Month.  Not only did she have to overcome numerous injuries and setbacks, she also ran her first marathon (in a Boston Qualifying time of 3:31:15!)

Allison is a former collegiate athlete who ran for Bucknell and it was so much fun being creative in forming workouts for such a competitive runner.  What made her training plan both challenging and rewarding was dealing with her setbacks and then overcoming them. She made me be extra attentive and be able to change up her plan on the fly.
The Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach was not only her first marathon, but also the longest she’s ever run – and that’s over 13 years of running!  Her favorite event is the 10k, but with her new BQ, her limits are endless.
She said this about her running, “I have been a competitive runner for 13 years and throughout my running career I have always had a coach, starting with my father.  After my dad, I had various high school and college coaches, some that were quite exceptional and others that ran me into the ground.  But many of my coaches have always been able to motivate me in ways that I could not do myself and help me see my training from a different point view.  Once I graduated college and left collegiate running behind after my knee surgery, I felt like I lost a bit of my competitive edge.  Marc has helped guide me in my training and not only have I become a more confident runner, but a more confident person as well.”
Allison felt that Marc was able to her stop worrying about what she couldn’t control and to believe in herself and the training she was doing.  Find her marathon debut race recap here.  She finished 2nd in her age group and was the 51st woman overall!
Congrats to Allison!

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