29.3 Miles of Racing

Three TrainWithMarc athletes raced this weekend all throughout the Northeast.  While it’s been pretty cruddy weather, they still turned in very promising results!

Emilio again stepped up with a big performance at the NY Half Marathon.  This time, he set an “Over 40” PR of 1:52:16.  To which I replied, “You don’t look a day over 30!!”  Even with a pit stop early on in the race, he still ran super fast.  We are really proud of him and are ready to see where the next few months take him.

Patty lined up at her 5k this weekend as well.  It was her test run to see where her fitness levels are at.  We are pumped to see how she does in her 5k and half marathon in late April!

Joe also raced a half marathon this weekend.  He was at the Sleepy Hollow Half.  Last year, he took third; this year he was 7th in a deeper field.  He’s well into marathon training and we are looking for good things from him as his marathon approaches!

How do you deal with Northeast weather and racing?