Group Workouts Are Important

T-minus 27 days until FREE workouts with the Haddon Running Team!  We are so excited to be on as we look to make the strongest and fastest runners in South Jersey. Head to and find the meet up button (top right of site); once you’re there, you can find out all the details about what we offer and how we will help you become a better, more well-rounded runner.

In the mean time, read about the newest star in our running community.  Find out why she’s taking a long term approach to training and how that will help her succeed later on in her running career. 

And here is an interview with one of the USA’s best 800 meter runner and his reasons for joining the Brooks mid-distance team based in Washington State.

“How important are groups like this for giving guys such as yourself, someone who finished seventh at the Olympic Trials, an opportunity to continue your professional career and try to get to that next level?”

Mark Wieczorek – “It’s super important. It’s those days where you’re tired or you’re sick, anything, you’re kind of broken down or have a bad workout, it’s hard to get yourself out the door. It’s raining, you’re tired, it’s middle of winter, it’s hard to look down the road, go out there and push through that. But, having other athletes around you, who support you, brings that extra dynamic of, “Hey, I’m just enjoying what I’m doing, I’m enjoying going out there, doing my running even though I’m tired because I’m going to go hang out with my friends and this is what I enjoy doing.” It brings something extra to it for me.”


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