Level 1 Coaching by the USATF

I’m spending my weekend at Villanova to learn more about coaching theories, coaching philosophy, and general training techniques for track and field.  The class is filled with coaches of all abilities and the goal is to learn more about every track and field aspect – to be more well-rounded.

I’m a little spoiled though, for quite a few reasons – namely, because I work with class-act coaches at Cherokee HS and have learned a helluva lot from them and because I love track and field and am a pretty big nerd and follow all events in our sport.

So as we’ve just begun our 21 hours of classroom learning, I’m already knowing much of the information.  But because I love running and track and field so much, it’ll be great information for me to learn more about events like the shot put or the pole vault.

So far we’ve talked about topics like periodization, energy systems, and muscle types.

Stay tuned as I go deeper into the depths of psychology, physiology and biomechanics of running, jumping, and throwing!

What was your favorite event in HS track? 

What questions do you have about running, philosophy or training theories?


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