TrainWithMarc’s March Runner of the Month

March’s Runner of the Month is Alex Arslan. He’s been running for only about 3 years now and he’s been working with Marc at TrainWithMarc for almost two of those years. Since his initial go at TrainWithMarc he’s set PR’s at distances from 1500 meters to 8k (5 miles). “I set all my PR’s under Marc! From 1500 meters to 5 miles. I set three PR’s in Fall 2012 and one PR is Spring 2012!”
Even thought Alex’s favorite race is the 8k, he’s excelled at the shorter distances as well. His 1500 PR has dropped a considerable amount of time, his 5k has dropped 36 seconds (hard to do at such a fast pace!), and his 5 mile PR has come down by 48 seconds (10 seconds a mile!).tumblr_mcoc6pa8ZT1rehcyno1_500

Alex has an online coach for a number of reasons, but he really believes he has one “because I want to make sure that every time I step out the door for a run or hard session that I am going benefit from it. I also wanted to work with a coach that has been at a very high level in the sport because that is where I want to be eventually be and I felt that I needed someone with that first hand experience. I also knew a little bit about Villanova & their head coaches training philosophies, which I totally agreed with and knew Marc would carry some of that over to my training. He is making me into the runner I dreamed of becoming.”
Alex and I talk often and two things that have stuck with him is this:
1) You have to be patient with your improvements and don’t try to rush things.
2) When you are a few days out from a race and on the day of the race you have to believe in yourself. You have to see yourself as an elite and act like one. You can’t expect to run fast and try to PR if you aren’t in the right frame of mind.”arslan race
You can read all about Alex and his running adventures at

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