Runner of the Month – February

I’d like to announce February’s Runner of the Month: Melissa Mclain! Melissa recently ran the Houston Marathon and even though it was her first marathon, she came through with a big performance.

Melissa has been running for a bit more than 3.5 years, mostly all with the help and guidance of TrainWithMarc.  She currently trains in Mizunos and blogs about running and all the fun stuff she does at

Melissa’s determination and dedication has helped her produce a 15 minute PR in the half marathon, also her favorite event, and also a finish in her most recent marathon attempt!

When asked about why she uses TrainWithMarc as her coach, Melissa said this: “I tend to doubt myself and my abilities. Having a coach like Marc helps push me, keeps me accountable, and takes the thinking out of planning. Also – it’s amazing to have someone to question when things don’t feel or seem right (paces, distance, slight injuries) or when I want to try something new (trail races, new distances) or when planning my running calendar (and race calendar).”

Melissa said that the best advice Marc has given her is that “motion is lotion!” So even when you’re tired and sore, a short, slow recovery run after a long run will help promote blood flow and actually make me less sore! Even though these runs are a bit slower, I feel much better after I’ve done them.

Way to go Melissa!


Marathon: 4:41:12

Half Marathon: 2:02:02

10k: 54:32

5k: 27:45

Location Cherry Hill, NJ E-mail Hours Weekdays: 3-10 pm; Weekends: 7 am-10 pm
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