Avoid Bonking Late in Race

Selene Yeager wrote in Active.com about race day mistakes to avoid.  It was a good article and I’d like to share it with my readers.  In this article, Yeager looks at hitting the “wall”, having an upset stomach, and 3 rarer issues – over-hydration, heat stroke, and an asthma attack.

In my opinion, bonking or hitting the wall and having GI issues are two issues that the majority of runners struggle with.

Coach Marc
Coach Marc

My thoughts on Yeager’s article…

Bonking/Hitting the Wall

We can delay hitting the proverbial wall with these fixes…

Low mileage: can easily be supplemented with cross training – biking, swimming, and/or the elliptical.  This can add “mileage” to your week while limiting the pounding your body takes.

Too-fast start: practice being patient early in workouts and races.  Run by feel and when you start to get in over your head, you’ll know to ease off the pace.

GI Distress

Upset stomach:  know what works for you and be sure to practice with those foods prior to the race.  Don’t let race day be the first time you try something.

To read more from the article, visit this link.


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