5k Race in the City That Never Sleeps

Sanchez laced up for his 2013 season opener and turned in a very promising result.  His 5k time of 16:32 puts him in a very good position to set his PR later on in the year.   Joe wrote that the time was run by feel and that he felt comfortable throughout the race – a sign that he’s aerobically fit, but not race sharp yet.  And that makes sense because we’ve been focusing on longer distances and just starting to get into threshold and tempo runs.

I’m really excited to see how Joe handles the higher mileage and being in a training routine that he’s familiar with.  I see a really bright future for not only this year, but for his long term progression!

On a different note, but somehow related, I found a picture of Joe photo-bombing a wedding proposal…it just so happened that right before his race, a guy (who was racing!) proposed to his girlfriend who had just finished a race!  Not ideal for someone racing, but everyone has their own way!

See the article here.

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TrainWithMarc at the Armory

Alex and Joe with TrainWithMarc at the Armory