TrainWithMarc’s January Runner of the Month

The first Runner of the Month for 2013 is Emilio Mercado.  Emilio won this award because he’s set 11 PR’s in less than 2 years working with me.  His TrainWithMarc personal bests range from the 1-mile through the 15k (9.3 miles).

Emilio Mercado – TrainWithMarc – January Runner of the Month

Emilio says he’s most proud of his 5k PR because it was the catalyst for the rest of his 2012 season.  After all the early season work he put in, he reset his 2012 5k PR in the middle of a 4 mile race (also a PR).  In his last race of the year, a 15k, Emilio set a personal record in the 10k and the 15k.  For a frame of reference, Emilio ran 7 minutes faster in this 15k than in his previous best 15k – that’s 46 seconds per mile faster.

What Emilio says about TrainWithMarc:

There were several reasons for first finding running coach: one who could guide me through the day to day training and with workout planning to ultimately someone who I would trust and respect as a coach.  So it had to be someone who had a passion for running and was excited to be training running, not just as a business, but someone who really cared about the overall performance of their runners.

For me, it made sense for me to find an online coach because I didn’t want a generic 12-16 week plan.  I can find those anywhere.  I wanted interaction and support as well.  Marc provides that.  He was an elite athlete too and this was one of the things I was looking for in a coach because he could tell me what I would expect to feel at certain parts of the race.

What’s the best advice Marc has given you as a runner?

There are two things that stand out: first is the warm up and pre-race preparation.  I’m now loose and ready mentally and physically.  The second is race strategy – before each race we workout a mile-by-mile plan for that particular race. This was particularly useful during my 15K PR, knowing the planned pace mile by mile kept me fresh enough that there was a little something left that last mile.  Prior to TrainWithMarc, I might have run faster than planned and barely held on at the end.

Emilio Mercado – TrainWithMarc – January Runner of the Month

The low-down about Emilio…

Trains in: Mizuno Wave Rider 16

Running since: On and off since 1990

Favorite race distance: Half marathon, 10k, and 5k


2011 – 4 PRs
2012 – 7 PRs

1M – 2x
5K – 1 (Age Group 3rd Place)
4M – 2x
5M – 1
10K – 3x
7M – 1
15K – 1

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