Gobble Freakin’ Gobble

Turkey Day races are always a great way to burn the calories before you stuff your faces full of turkey and stuffing.  And some of the trainwithmarc runners definitely took advantage of the nice weather and fun, laid back atmosphere of Thanksgiving Day runs.

Sanchez got the ball rolling again, coming back from his 4 mile PR on Saturday to run a 5 mile PR on Thursday.  This time, he bested his previous best by 29 seconds to run 26:26 (5:17 per mile!).  Joe’s now taking some much needed down time before he kicks it back up for track season.

Alex and Joe were in the same race again this weekend and while Alex got the best of Joe this time, I can see a small (friendly) rivalry brewing.  Alex busted open another PR running 25:51 for his 5 miler (5:10 per mile!!).  Just like Joe, Alex is going to take some down time before cranking it back up for his track season.

David got into the action too – except he ran a 10k.  His time —wait for it— is a 7 minute PR!!!  He ran 63:38 and averaged 10:15 pace.  When you take off more than a minute per mile, you’re doing a lot of things really well.  I’m proud of David and all of the work he’s put in working with me – and in such a short time!  Keep up the great work!  North Shore 10k results here.


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