3 Runners, 4 Mile Races, 3 PR’s

It will never, ever, ever be difficult to say how proud I am of my runners.  Each and every week they bust their butts and when they get to races they run exactly how they are supposed to.  And more likely than not, they come away with BIG PR’s to show all the work they’ve put in.
Again, this week was no exception.  I cannot stress enough though, that these runners do all the hard work.  They are dedicated, enthusiastic, and follow through on executing the plans we’ve laid out for each of them.
So here it is – the weekend review!
Emilio laced up in the NYRR 4 miler in Central Park.  He has had a great Fall of training and was looking to continue his PR’ing ways.  Well, that’s exactly what happened.  4 miles, 7:32 pace, 30:08. It is Emilio’s 6th PR of the year!!!  This is a 2:00 PR (in case you don’t know, that’s 30 seconds PER MILE faster!!!)  That’s how it’s done!  Here’s his Garmin details.
Joey Sanchez took to the race course and what do you know, another win.  His splits were 5:30, 5:15, 5:33, 5:15 for 21:33.  This was a 27 second PR over 4 miles and he’s now focusing on Thursday’s 5 miler.
Patty also took to the streets for a race over the weekend.  She ran the NYRR 4 miler as well.  And while she’s currently not in the results, she fared tremendously well.  Her pace was 8:48 for the 4 miles.  And if you were wondering, it was a PR.  Boom!  Way to go Patty!

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