Runner’s World Half Marathon Report

Melissa joined the masses at the Runner’s World Half Marathon last weekend and came out of the event with lots of good news.  While this isn’t her main goal – it’s the January Houston Marathon – she ran well and competed to the best of her current ability.  She is still building fitness and gaining momentum, so while her time wasn’t exactly what she may have liked, she’s fit and still healthy!!
This is what she had to say about her race:

I’ve been focusing on distance and going slow and steady for the last few months. It’s interesting to look back on my training plan and to see that last year, I did my LRs at the same pace I ran this half! But – on a positive note, my splits were 9:40, 9:53, 10:01, 9:42, 10:01, 10:19, 10:20, 9:55, 10:48, 9:59, 10:30, 10:15, 9:53, 10:12, and for the .1: 9:06. So I had sub 10 splits for half the race, which I’m semi-proud of based on the times I’ve been putting out there recently. (And, it’s a hilly course!) 

Way to go Melissa! 


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