Lots of Race Coverage!

TrainWithMarc’s athletes were out and about racing last weekend, here’s a run down of some of their performances!

Christine pounded the hilly streets of San Francisco for the Nike Women’s Marathon – and while she was absolutely prepared for 26.2, she couldn’t have prepared for the hilliness of the course and the downpour throughout the race.  She still ran a very good time of 3:50:37.  I am very proud of the gutsy performance she ran and I know that she’ll be back to training as soon as her body allows her to.

Liz also got into the action, racing a half marathon in preparation for NYC Marathon in just a few short weeks.  She ran 2:11 and was quite happy saying this:

I ran a 2:11:37! I would have loved to go sub-2:10, but with the hills and the fact that the sun came out in full force halfway through (it was a late start, at 10:30, so we ran in peak sunlight), I was still really happy with the time.

We’ve worked hard to get her as fit as possible for her big Marathon and we both agree that she’s right on track!  Way to go Liz!

Casey also prepped for NYC Marathon this weekend rocking out with a stellar 2:11 as well.  This is what she had to say:

I ran the race in 2.11!  I ran the same course in 2:25 in April.  It was hilly, and I found myself running the downhill miles faster.  So, I’m pleased overall.  Ended up with 16.5 on the day.  You told me: running after a long race feels like torture.  I did the 3 miles and called it a day!  I was definitely tired, but felt like I put in a decent effort. 

Way to go Casey!!  Only a short time until TAPER TIME!

Joe finished off the racing with a solid 1:19 half marathon.  Unfortunately, a minor calf injury popped up right before race day and he felt he was a bit off his normal game.  Last year, he came out of this race as the champ, and I’m sure he would have liked to have repeated, but it wasn’t to be.  He’s being careful to knock the injury and get back to training after a few days of R&R.  Head up Joe, you’ll be back at it in no time!


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