One Weekend, Two TrainWithMarc Wins

If you’ve never felt what it’s like to win a race, you’ll have you talk to two of my runners this weekend, as both won races!

Carly won the Run for the Buds Half Marathon in Wilmington, Delaware!  Her time was more than a minute PR – 1:33:32 – and she was less than a minute from the overall win.  She ended up finishing 3rd overall.  Amazing job, Carly!

Carly’s first ever win!
Alex also laced up and tore up the competition – winning his 5k by 46 seconds!!!  This is what Alex wrote to me after the race:

So I came in first place! I thought long & hard before the race on how to approach it & I ended up going with the taking the lead right from the start & hammer the first mile to kill off everyone, then cruise to the end. I ended up running all alone & into the wind & still running 15:40(5:03pace). I split 4:55, 5:05, 5:04, 36.  It was a 36sec PR.

That is how it’s done Alex!  Alex has listened very well to the training plan we’ve laid out, completing workouts and long runs with ease.  It’s showing off in his races now!  Congrats Alex!

Alex killing it!


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