5th Avenue Mile

It’s 5th Ave Mile time and it’s not only for the uber elite runners.  I have the privilege of coaching three athletes who ran in the race this weekend.

And all of them had tremendous successes!

Emilio, while in the early stages of half marathon training ran a lifetime best of 6:29.  The clock doesn’t lie and when push came to shove, Emilio was out there training.  Way to go E!

Patty also lined up (in a different heat) and busted out a 7:07 mile.  She’s excited for the time and looking forward to more races this fall.

Liz, in the throws of NYC Marathon training ran a sweet 7:20 – with heavy legs and knowing she had her important long run the next morning.  Her time is only 5 seconds off her PR when she was racing specifically for this event.

All in all, I’d say TrainWithMarc had a pretty bad ass weekend!  Way to go everyone!  Keep up the great work!

Here’s my New Shirt in honor of the #trainwithmarc runners who ran 5th Ave!

visit trainwithmarc.spreadshirt.com to purchase!

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