Persistence Pays Off With A 5k PR

After a slight disappointment during his last race at the Falmouth Road Race, Emilio turned right around and jumped in a 5k to find some redemption.  We both knew how fit he is – it just so happened that the weather was less than cooperative for his 7-mile race last week.

And so out he went for another fitness test…this time a 5k road race on a familiar course.  He stayed close to the directions we laid out prior to the race and he executed his race plan to perfection.   

The outcome was spectacular as he set a lifetime PR in the 5k with a time of 23:35.  To put this in perspective, his previous PR was 13 seconds slower and from 10 years ago!!  

As if he needed any more reason to be excited, Emilio was also 3rd in his age group as well… 

Here’s his take on his race: Emilio’s blog with an excerpt from his post: 

Most of the credit for me being prepared and performing both yesterday and this year goes to Marc ( I just execute on the training plan and race strategy he setup for me. I have stayed relatively injury free, and have gotten stronger, faster and more confident. Thanks Marc! We have both been redeemed after yesterday!”

For more information about how to set PR’s in any race distance, visit


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