When 5k’s Go Right

I had another runner make a very good attempt at a 5k PR this week.  He’s in the middle of a mini cycle where he’s looking to peak for the Falmouth Road Race – a race he has on his calendar every year.  This year, instead of having this big 7+ mile race as a go between, now it’s his main focus.

We decided to aim for a 5k a few weeks prior to the big race, and I’m sure we’re both glad he did.  He was given strict instructions to follow and I believe he followed them to the T.

One of his goals was to set a PR – his all time best PR is 23:43 and his “old man” PR was set in 2004 at a time of 24:36.  And off he went, chasing times of yesteryear.

After it was all said and done, E crushed his 2004 PR by 41 seconds and was within 12 seconds of his lifetime (when he was a lot younger) PR.

He followed instructions, trained with purpose and direction and got himself to within a few ticks of the clock from a lifetime PR.

I couldn’t be more proud of the work and effort that he’s putting in.  He’s seeing the results of all the hard work he’s putting in.

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