Runner’s World Junky

As a runner and a coach, I am all about making a run easier.  Whether it’s a running buddy, or some form of distraction, I’m all about it.
I know that there isn’t a code or a set of guidelines on what’s right or wrong in running.  Basically anything goes – you can run in Chuck Taylors for all I care.  Get it done!
Hell, I’m sure at times I’ve looked stupid for something I’ve worn or done…But I think Sunday, in Wissahickon trails in Philly, I found “the one”.  The guy who broke all social norms and reads way too much Runner’s World.  Below, I’ll try and explain.  
I’m happy when my music makes a morning double go by quicker.  
I’m a big believer of GPS technology – using it to track workouts and log accurate distance on runs.  
I’m skeptical about minimalist shoes, but I see their use and their benefits if used wisely.
I don’t get carrying a water bottle at all.  Even on 2 hour runs or 90* days, I don’t find a need to carry a bottle.  Maybe that’s just me?!
I’ve even (at one time in my childish youth) used a headband to keep sweat out of my long hair…
But for the love of ice cream, do not use a GPS watch while listening to music while wearing Vibrams, carrying a water bottle all while sporting a headband. 
It’s just plain wrong.
*Disclaimer:  this post is to poke fun of those runners who wear everything they own on a single run.  I have no problems with runners who wear one or two of the above, but when they are all combined, it just looks silly.


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