Ice Baths and Workouts

I was asked to answer questions that were posed through a former client of mine.  She’s a great gal and works her tail off.  She has a great blog: and asked me to help her answer some of her reader’s questions….so here they are!  (You can find the original article here.)

Ice Baths 

Katherine asked about icing and its benefits. (Ed note: I am a recent convert to ice baths, and I can’t say enough good things about the benefits of them.)

Icing is definitely necessary. Running is as much recovering from runs as it is from actually running. Icing helps remove inflammation from muscles, tendons and ligaments. The faster you can recover from a workout, the sooner you can do the next workout, which eventually turns into doing more work, and the more work you can do, the faster you’ll be.
Philly Ice Bath (3)

Coach Marc icing in a stream

Workout Lingo

Jordan asked about how to “read” a workout and what a particular workout would entail (“Dist: 4 mi, inc warm; 2 x 1600 in 8:54 w/ 800 jogs; cool”).
Your particular workout should be translated like this:
Do a 1 mile warm up; stop. Then do 1 mile (1600m) in 8:54. Take 800 jog. Do a mile in 8:54. Take 800 jog. Stop. Do a 1 mile cool down.
Hopefully you are doing a workout that is designed for you and not a generic workout you found online somewhere. Don’t do workouts that aren’t geared specifically for you – you may be working out much harder than you need to, and when you do this you are more susceptible to injuries, fatigue and burnout. You should find a coach or a program that takes your desires and needs into consideration and works with you as an individual.



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