My First Lululemon Experience

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About a week ago, I got a message from a friend asking if I knew anything about Lululemon and if I’d be interested in meeting up with a few of her Marlton employees to talk about training, running, yoga-ing, and all things fitness related.

Um, yes. Heck yes!

I’d never been to a Lululemon store before, but I’m certain it won’t be the last time. The store is AMAZING! If you’re a yogi or do Pilates, if you love being outside or doing outdoor activities, go to Lululemon. In fact, don’t just go there; run there. Quickly!

I looked around the store, got some great inspiration and tried on a few pairs of shorts. I felt great in a few different pairs, but felt I had found the perfect pair.

Kahuna Shorts
These shorts feel great on. They are cut perfectly for pre- or post-run, or for going to track meets. They are dressy enough for a lunch date or comfy enough to ride home from the beach in. These shorts are great to take Pilates in and then come home in them.
I’m excited to show off more clothing from Lululemon and if you live near a store, stop by.

Lululemon website


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