Last Chance 15’s and 10k PR’s

Emilio sent out his battle cry!  He was coming for a 10k PR, no matter what the course or weather threw at him. 
…The Newport 10k in Jersey City quivered with this pronouncement.  The game was on.
Emilio ran splits of:
8:06 (.2 pace)
Not only did Emilio PR in his 10k, but he came within 20 seconds of his 5k PR set 10 years ago!!
Way to go E!
On Thursday, Alex and Joe laced up their track spikes for The College of New Jersey Last Chance Meet 1500.  They both had a bit of trouble getting into the meet, but have no fear, coach Marc is here!  I emailed the coach, got them in, and off they went. 
Joe had the better day of the two, coming away with a 10 second PR!!!!  His new 1500 PR is 4:02:39 – which is equivalent to a 4:21.5 full mile (using the iaaf’s conversion table).  Joe has a few more races on the calendar and I’m sure is hoping to break that 4 minute 1500 barrier!
Alex, emailed in and told me it was one of the most painful races of his life.  His reasoning being this:  he went for it.  When you go for broke in a race, two things will usually happen.  1.  You’ll have an awesome race and come away with a big breakthrough.  Or 2.  You’ll be in just a bit over your head and pay the price in the 2nd half of the race.  You’ll experience cement legs and may even look foolish, but you’ll learn SO MUCH about racing and more importantly, about yourself. 
There aren’t many ways to find out what you’re made of until you race to your absolute max until you want your legs to fall off or get hit by a Mac Truck. 
Alex, you may not have PR’ed, but you’ll be a much better runner for this experience.  *Keep in mind, Alex’s “bad” races are now only 2 seconds slower than his great race.  Perspective and patience.  Love it.  Great job Alex!

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